Me as a Simpson

I was always a fan of the yellow family, Springfield’s famed family of 5, the Simpsons. They started in 1989 and I was hooked from the start by this cartoon for adults (although I was only 13 at the time). Bart was the definite focus & star of the bunch, although Homer is now the top guy. As always Lisa, Marge & Maggie do their supporting roles to the best of their abilities. The cast of characters that make up the rest of Springfield is equally interesting & wonderful. Although there were time when I barely watched an episode in entirety, I still come crawling back to the series for much wanted humour and relief from the outside world. There is a website through which you can create a Simpsonized version of yourself. I uploaded my photo and then added the glasses, colour of shirt and hairstyle to match that of mine. So this is what I would look like, if I was a character in the show. Want to find out what you would look like as a Simpson? If so, then Simpsonize Yourself!

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