Me vs Little Tiny Spider

So I woke up after a heavy sleep at 8:45 am and after brushing my teeth and washing my face I went to get a cup of coffee. First of the morning. A little after that I needed to go to the toilet and while I was sitting there, doing my business, when out there in the corner just under the sink I see a little spider coming out. I hate spiders, in case you don’t know. They suck and they are disgusting. Since I was still on the toilet, I picked up the bidet shower (you know the water hose pipe thingy on the sides of toilets) and squirted the little beast.

He scurried away under a plastic dice designed stool I have in the corner of the bathroom and which sits under my sink. Thinking he wouldn’t dare show up again, I went back to staring into space and doing my thing but lo and behold! the little beast shows up again. I hosed him again thinking that this would kill him but he scurried away yet again, only to come out in another 30 seconds. Persistent little bastard, aren’t you? is what I thought before I squirted him with a longer streak of water and he turned upside down and disappeared behind the stool. I was almost proud of myself which only lasted another minute when he comes out again!!!

This time I was even a bit pissed off and I squirted the bugger with a prolonged dose and he once again went belly up and disappeared behind the stool. Feeling like Clint Eastwood, I sat back and waited. Well? Are you going to show up again?A minute or two passed by and no little spider. “Oh, I must have killed him for good this time” but I wasn’t sure. I had completed my business but I didn’t get up. Hell, was I actually worried about the little guy, having gotten a grudging respect for him by now! I was sure he was a goner but there he comes out. “Alright spidey, atta boy!” I said to myself. He went off into the gap behind the sink’s hose.

Wait a minute! Was I actually rooting for a spider?

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