Medical Marijuana for Dogs – Is That A Thing?

What do Pot, Weed, Blunt, Cannabis, Ganga, Dope, Grass, Blaze, Skunk, and Boom all have in common? Everything, they are variations of street names for Marijuana. The interesting about this one main name is that when people hear it they immediately associate it with something negative or put it in a box that connects it to a certain genre or personality type.

We on the other hand embrace the element to the fullest and bring to you what we known best as Medical Marijuana. And yes, it is a thing! And an exceptional one at that. Before you judge us, keep reading to see for yourself why this naturally occurring element has taken over the world by storm over the past few years both under the microscope and in products of all shapes and sizes. Not to mention just under 160 million people use Marijuana regularly.

There are several ways to use this ingredient, the most popular one is smoking it. However, when extracted into oil or powder, it has been added to existing food products and drinks, as well as tinctures, pills, creams, and everything under the sun.

Marijuana for Dogs in The Medical Spectrum

Synthetic drugs can help with many things but not all. Marijuana is also similar. It can help the human and animals’ body in many ways and in treating many ailments. A lot of reputable online sources have included tests and clinical trials with groundbreaking results, in their pages to prove how beneficial this one thing is when used according to specific dosages. Read some further information about this on this helpful website which also includes all the trials and tests that have been done as well as their results.

For anyone who is wondering what it can do for their pets. This magnificent plant has been shown, through research, to be highly beneficial to their ECS – Endocannabinoid System, and all 113 compounds found in too. Each one has a specific effect on the body so not all pets need all of them but they are there to make sure the entire system runs optimally.

The plus point here is that it is safe for both our four-legged friends and us. There is however one important aspect to consider. Because dogs are more sensitive than humans with regards to certain chemicals. Giving them Cannabis or Marijuana products with a dose of THC in it that’s more than 1% is not a good idea. THC is what’s responsible for the psychoactive high feeling that one gets when they smoke it.

The Cream of The Crop – CBD

Out of all the other chemicals in Marijuana, our information is targeted more towards the one that we are keen on and know works, which is CBD or cannabis, the extract of the plant. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) released a report stating that they have not seen any negative side-effects of those using it or any abuse thereof and calls is ‘generally safe’ The only known side-effects that have been seen are when people mix their existing prescription medication with it.

This is the cream of the crop! And it has all the good things in it that can give given to your dog for medicinal purposes. Some of these ‘good things’ it has been used for include:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Muscle relaxant
  3. Antitumor capabilities
  4. Helps reduce seizures
  5. Anti-Inflammatory
  6. Anxiety relief
  7. Arthritis inhibitor

To name a few.

Introducing It to Your Furry Companion

These above benefits are tried and tested benefits of this Marijuana extract – CBD. And although many trials are still being done see what else it can help us and our canines with, the conviction lies in the countless pet owner reviews and posts that you see online, stating how much this one substance has improved their pet’s life.  It’s a win-win for all.

Before you introduce it to them, make sure you but the good-quality and high-standard products come with a certificate and have dosage instructions direct from the FDA. Your vet can recommend one to you and if not, you can do some homework online yourself. Make sure it is a legitimate product made from a well-established company and brand.

When introducing it to them for treating a condition, always follow the manufacturers dosing. The general rule is to start with one or two drops or pills added into their food three times a day for the first 2 weeks, then minimize it to two pills or drops a day and then to just one. Don’t keep them on it for long periods if you are not treating anything. When you start seeing improvements, then you can tell everyone else about it!

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