Meet Barfi The Pug

My sister and her family have expanded their numbers from 5 to 6 with the new addition of a 30 day old pug puppy who they have named Barfi. After work this evening I went over to her place to visit my new…..nephew! He’s a lively little monster who seemed to be attracted to my socks. Here he is searching for my foot.

It’s my niece Geethanjali, who is now 6 years old, who named him Barfi after some stupid Hindi movie that she saw in the theatres. The pup  is kinda hers more than my nephews. She kept playing with him and cradling him like a baby and hugging him. The pup meanwhile is just so in love with her.

3 thoughts on “Meet Barfi The Pug

  1. I can;t keep a dog in my place (too small & against the rules) but atleast I can go visit and play with him regularly.

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