Meet The Smallest Exo-Planet We Know

NASA announced the discovery of the smallest¬†he smallest extrasolar planet ever discovered around a¬†main sequence¬†star, with a mass and radius slightly greater than that of Earth’s¬†Moon.¬†Kepler-37b, along with two other planets,¬†Kepler-37c¬†and¬†Kepler-37d, were discovered by the¬†Kepler space telescope, which observes stellar¬†transits.The planet, about 210¬†light-years¬†away from Earth,¬†is slightly larger than the Earth’s moon, with a diameter of about 3,900 kilometres (2,400¬†mi).¬†NASA¬†states that it is most probable that the planet does not have an atmosphere and cannot support life.¬†Furthermore, the planet is most likely composed of rocky materials.

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