Meeting Anil After Almost 2 Months

Anil and I had met together for a long time, almost 2 months which is strange for us. We’ve been trying to meet up several Saturdays but something or the other always came in between. Today we put an end to it. He said that we would meet for a late lunch and I agreed and we decided to meet up at Volga bar & restaurant post 2:30pm.

I reached the place a little earlier and chose a table in the very dark bar (why the fuck do they do that?) and needed the light from my phone to read the menu. Just before Anil reached the bar I ordered a couple of vodkas + 7up for me and 2 brandys + soda for him.

We had some Chicken spring rolls that were quite delicious and light yet filling as we sipped our drinks and Anil had some garlic prawns while caught up. We even called up Madhu (for those just tuning in, Madhu is the 3rd member of our little rock band aka friendship gang) who just got promoted in the business he works for in Qatar. Yes rock band – I’ve compared the 3 of us to Rush & Nirvana and in non band related terms, I’ve also compared us to the 3 Musketeers and the holy trio of Kirk (me), Spock (Anil) & McCoy (Madhu).

We wound up our lunch with some fried rice and chilli chicken and then made our way to Kaloor where we had some ice cream. I had the chocolate one on the left, he had the strawberry one. Post that I came back home to crash on the bed at 6pm and watch some Big Bang Theory while he went back home to Thrissur.

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