Meeting Friends

The last few weeks have seen me spend some time with friends but not as much as I’d like to. In April we have a really nice & fun get together on the 9th which created a lot of fond memories for me. From that day onwards me and another former colleague have been trying to find a suitable date to get all 10 of us to meet together for the first time since 2007 and it hasn’t worked till now. How hard can this be? May 1st was the deadline as 4 of them now live/work in different cities and they had some free days in the month of April but had to get back to their places on May 2nd. We planned, found a good venue close to everyone but one by everyone begged to change the date and it was just 3 of us who could make it. So cancelled/postponed.

We all felt bad & sad that it could not happen and made vague promises of meeting some other time. I know it’s gonna take time and who knows when it will happen. Two other similar events, with different people, got postponed and pushed and I dunno when they will take place. It’s easier to meet up with 2 or 3 other people but when the group is large it can become a hassle and frustrating if you are trying to organize the event. I know I felt so let down in April when I couldn’t get everyone to agree to spend 3-4 hours of their time on the same day at the same time. But you know, these things happen.

Tomorrow I am supposed to meet up with 3 of my friends for dinner in a place nearby. It’s a nice place where I have been exactly once and I do miss these friends & former colleagues of mine. I hope it happens, I’m free and the other 3 also seem eager to meet up for a couple of hours. And Saturday my buddy Anil and I have plans to spend some time during lunch and perhaps get a few drinks as well. Got my fingers crossed.

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