Meeting Old Friends On Facebook

A couple of weeks ago, I started to get in touch with some old school friends from my years in Hill Valley High School. I studied in that school from the ages of 11-15, which is grade 6 till 10. The wonder years or so I have come to call them in the years since. Back in the 80s & 90s, most schools that weren’t the CBSE or ICSE syllabus were only uptill 10th grade after which you went to a two year pre-degree course in college. Or you could choose to join a school that had 11th & 12th grades but then you changed school boards. Anyway, I was of the former. I haven’t seen most of these people, my school friends, since I was 16-17. I tried to stay in touch with some of them but it just didn’t happen.

I met a few of them intermittently for the first few years. Some of them happen to pass by on the street or here and there and we’d talk for a while. By the time I was 19 I had lost touch with all but a handful of those friends. A well known fact of life is that we move on and new people take the place of those friends in your life. But there were plenty of people who I always wanted to be in my life, even if it was meeting them once every 2 months or so. They will always be a part of my life and my childhood.

Well recently, as recent as 2 weeks ago, one of them – Jeebouy – sent me a friend invite in Facebook. He wasn’t a classmate of mine, rather he was the brother of one of my closest friends and just a year younger. While accepting his friend invite, I saw his sister, Sheeba, in his friends list and I added her. Pretty soon another lady friend, Reshma, added me and I was chatting online with these two ladies in Facebook. Both these ladies are now married with kids; Reshma is married to one of my closest friends during my school days, a guy called Musthafa. He is doing business in the city and they both have two kids. The oldest, a girl, is 13 and she has her own FB account! Wow, which means that she was born when I was 21 (Musthafa is 2 years older than me although we were in the same class). That’s weird and makes me feel old.

Within a day I also added two other friends, Binju & Vinay and Reshma’s older brother Ramesh, who was 2 years our senior. Binju and I were very close, bonded by the love of music. I even stayed at his house a couple of times during the 9th & 10th grade. I remember he had a couple of dogs and some rabbits as pets. Chatting with him has been very special. He lives in London now and is married and dad to a baby girl. Seeing a sweet photo of him with his baby made me so glad. I never in a million years thought I’d see that when I was still in school. And then today I even had a phone call from Finland – a guy called Siju who studied with me for a couple of years now lives & works in Finland. That was so nice – considering that the last time I saw & spoke to him was 22 years ago back in 1989! Fucking awesome eh?

Thank you so much Facebook. You guys really are the best thing to happen to the Internet.

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