A couple of days ago I review a movie about a duplicate planet Earth approaching us. Slightly similar in view but more catastrophic is Melancholia. I hate this movie!! I go so bored that I fell asleep twice while watching this movie and waiting for something to happen. I want my 90 minutes back. This is supposed to be an award winning movie, with Kirsten Dunst winning best actress award at Cannes! It’s a boring art-house film by Lars Von Trier that takes forever to form.

Ok, let’s get this thing straight. Justine (Kirsten Dunst) is a young & successful career woman who is marring the perfect man. At her wedding party she acts happy and then goes and broods. She prefer to spend time with her young nephew. She sulks and gets upset that her divorced parents don’t get along. She is an ungrateful bitch because her sister & bro-in-law spent a fortune to arrange a lavish party for all the guests and is she thankful? No she ruins it for her and her new husband. Did she ever love him? I don’t think so. She keeps him waiting while she takes a nap – a fucking nap at her own wedding party? And she tells her sister that she is just dragging herself through it!

And then she goes to her bedroom with her groom and then leaves him there, takes a walk on the golf course and then proceeds to fuck some guy she just met that night. Pushes him onto the sandpit and lifts her expensive wedding gown and fucks! What the hell? She ruins everything and even before the night is done, she alienates her boss who just promised her a promotion and insults him. She loses her job and her new husband. Marriage ended even before it began. So act II, she is depressed and almost catatonic. And we are supposed to feel sorry for her? No way.

She comes back to stay with her sister Claire & her husband John. Next thing you know a roue planet, much larger than the earth is headed this way. It’s supposed to be a fly-by and miss the earth but there is a fear that it will loop back and crash into the earth effective destroying all life on it. So now, miss depressive 2011 claims to her sister that there is no life on any other planet. Ok – who died and made her queen of the universe? And oh how is this for a lark – her sister catches her wandering in the night as the rogue planet lights the night sky. Justine is lying on the grass completely naked and caressing her boobies in the light of the planet Melancholia!! Her brother-in-law kills himself when he realizes that the planet which just missed them is on a slingshot return back to crash with the earth. So now Claire is sad and upset and tries to protect her small son but ofcourse there is no escape. So Justine, Claire and the little boy sit holding hands as the planet crashes and kills everybody. The end.

Amazing cinematography. Amazing effects in the beginning with some stunning images that go by slowly. Movie sucked though. I’m sorry but I need to have something more. Charlotte Gainsborough manages to be the British sister to an American Dunst. Yes, they created a new planet for this movie but didn’t bother to have similar accents for two sisters who grew up together!!! Oh and Keifer Sutherland plays the brother in law. Best part of the film is Ms. Kirsten Dunst showing us some nice cleavage, in her wedding gown no less, and looking very beautiful. And then, oh, she shows us some nice bosoms as she lies naked in the grass. Kirsten Dunst is very sexy. Best part of the movie are her boobs. I’m sorry, I hate this movie. Don’t bother watching it. If you are a guy or a lesbian, Google her lying in the grass and admire her nice nipples. Good night!! 3 outta 10!

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