Melting In This Heat

It’s become so hot here in Cochin and I think the rest of Kerala is no better off as well. From February onwards the state starts to heat up and we go into proper summer from March onwards. Ofcourse we have no winter season or spring or fall – just heat, monsoon and more heat. But the period between March & June until the monsoon season starts is the worst and it’s just getting worse every year. We need some cooling down like no other places does. Ofcourse I guess we aren’t the most sunniest or hottest place on the planet, that might go to one of the desert areas or some place in Africa, I guess. However, we have the humidity factor and that just makes things worse.

Today has been a real scorcher and it didn’t help that I left the office at 1pm to go to the bank. Scorching heat! I was left to a puddle of mess in no time and once my work at the bank was done, I crossed the street to a small joint where they served cold fresh fruit juice. With ice! I had an orange juice which worked for about 5 minutes cause I was in the hot sun again. I quickly took an auto and headed back to the office – I was gone all of 25 minutes but I was so drained and so tired that I just couldn’t do anything else but drink around 500ml of water in one gulp and then felt so full that I skipped lunch. The rest of the day was me feeling so drowsy and tired that I put my feet up and relaxed till it was quitting time.

Even at 5pm it was blazing hot and the sun was in full form. On the way back home, I bought a 2 liter bottle of 7up which I then proceeded to put in the freezer for making it nice and chilled so dad, mom & I could enjoy it with our southern fried chicken dinner. Oh the heat, the heat!

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