Memories Of My Old House

When you think of the home you grew up in, what is one memory that really stands out?

We sold & moved out of our house in Thrikkakara, our home of 19 years, in 2006. I miss the house a lot, even if I don’t want to live in that area anymore. Not that it’s a bad area or a filthy area to live in; it’s actually a nice, peaceful and cleaner area of Cochin. However it is quite far from the city and if you don’t drive (like me) it is harder to get to the city and work areas due to the distance and traffic and also the fact that the buses do ply a little less frequently in the suburban area of Thrikkaraka. Also shopping for essentials and groceries – where  I now live, I can do most of my home’s shopping for the week done within 5 minutes of our apartment.

I miss a lot of things about the house. I miss the coolness of the place and thus the house was always quite cool, except for the really hot summer days. Less mosquitoes in the area. More green. We had plants & flowers in our garden and a small lawn and trees. And we kept a large bird cage with 6 love birds. And ofcourse you know that I miss having my dog – my dog Shawny who used to roam around the garden, lawn and the back yard like a landlord surveying her property! I guess the biggest memories of the house is my time that I spent with Shawny and playing on the ground, throwing a ball, running after her when she chases a squirrel, feeding her, giving her water and also giving her a bath (which I used to do in a big  metal tub kept outside and hose her with the garden hose.

Another memory is off relatives gathering in my house. Other than my grandmother’s house, my home was the place where most relatives would gather for a couple of holidays in a year. We had the space and hence could put up a lot of relatives. After a big lunch, we’d all sit in the large living room/dining room, close all the doors and switch the big ac on. Then it will be a lazy couple of hours watching some sports on the tv or watching a movie. Those were the good ole days.

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