Metallica Concert In Delhi – Cancelled

What should have been a great night for Metallica fans became a disaster for New Delhi and the people who came to watch one of their favourite bands in action. Over 25,000 people had gathered at the Leisure Valley Park in Gurgaon to watch the Metallica concert, the opener for the ‘F1 Rocks’ series of performances for the Formula 1 event. Finally the concerted was postponed to the next day, which is today, on the basis that Metallica refused to go on stage due to what was termed as bad

Here’s what happened, based on reports from fans who posted online – the organization was mismanaged and there was no way that a successful concert could be conducted there. Water at the fans at the venue was two small stalls – for 25000 people!! As soon as the announcement was made to postpone the concert to 4pm the next day, the crowd went crazy with people pushing each other, breaking the barricades, shouting and throwing water bottles. They stormed the stage setting the banners on fire, destroying equipment including the drum set that was setup on the stage and smashed the LED screens. This went on for an hour before the cops intervened.

Due to the damaged caused, the concert was later cancelled and now Delhi will not be getting a concert. Cancelled not postponed due to reasons which could have been avoided. Even if it was not possible to have the concert played on Friday even, a postponement of a day would have been ok for most fans but the crowd took even that out of the equation. So now, Bangalore will be the first city that sees Metallica play. Hope that Bangalore, used to seeing a few more concerts by international audiences, will make up for the sour taste in the aftermath of the chaos in Delhi. Bangalore fans, get geared up and make the band appreciate you.

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