Might Be Moving Temporarily

It looks like I will be staying away from my home for about a month or maybe less. We have a problem in our apartment building in that our elevator is not working. It’s gone kaput! The elevator has been begging to be put to death many, many months ago and the work we had done in the building (plumbing replaced in all 14 apartments) in 2013 meant that we had a lot of equipment being pulled into and out of the elevator car several times a day and the damage was further done. Plus to be honest some of my neighbours are not careful at all, they let their kids play in the elevator – kids used to go up and down at all times of the day and there was even toddler who would only eat if his nanny took him in the elevator! Spoiled brat!!

So the effect is that the elevator is going to need a huge overhaul and it’s gonna take a few days to get that done. There will be a delay and counting that plus the time for the actual work, it will be about 3 weeks almost. As mom, dad & I live on the 7th floor (the top floor) we have it the hardest as climbing 14 set of stairs to get to the top is tough on the legs. Mom & dad cannot climb it at all and I manage to do so after resting every 2 floors and gasping and wheezing a lot. It is hard on these legs but I can manage as long as I only have to climb up once a day. It might even be good for me. But my folks have decided to rent an apartment just above the one my sister & brother-in-law live in with their kids. The owner of that apartment rents it out and, coincidentally, the current renters are vacating it on the 1st of April. So they want me to also join them and stay in that place until the end of April when the elevator work over here should also be done.

I am trying to stay back but my folks could need me to get them stuff – like grocery shopping, medicines etc – in between so it might be better if I stayed with them during the month away. It’s not decided or anything, as we have 8-9 days to think about it. I won’t have internet there, which is the annoying thing. But let’s see! I will keep you posted.

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