Miss Tracy Whitney aka Mandolyn Smith

Back in 1986, Kuwait tv showed a mini-series based on a novel by Sidney Sheldon called If Tomorrow Comes. The 3 part mini-series with the same name starred Tom Berenger, Liam Neeson, David Keith, the late Richard Kiley, CCH Pounder and the gorgeous Mandolyn Smith.

For my 9-1o year old self, she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She didn’t look like most women I saw on tv – she was slightly darker or tanned and she had a sensuality that even a blind man couldn’t miss. She starred as Tracy Whitney, the main protagonist in the series, the heroine around whose life the series is woven and whose path gets entangled with deceit, imprisonment, love, vengeance, scandal, burglary & life as a con artist.

I haven’t seen her in anything other than this series although she has acted in big name movies like 2010, Urban Cowboy & Funny Farm except for an episode installment loan poor credit of Due South and when she came on the screen I remember shouting aloud ‘hey that’s Tracy Whitney’.

Her acting listings do not show her as having appeared in anything after that and it’s perhaps because of her wanting to focus on raising a family. She got married to Canadian NHLer Mark Osbourne who used to play for the Winnipeg Jets, The Toronto Maple Leafs & the New York Rangers. But I still think that she’s gorgeous and she’s had that look that not many actresses can carry. I’m going to be downloading the series if I can find a suitable torrent and I’m re-reading the novel at the moment (which was what brought about this post).

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