Missing From The Internet From Saturday

Saturday evening I came back from work and hoping for a nice quite evening at home with some tunes and browse online. Well I did get that for sometime and then I went to watch a little tv. Once I came back to my system after dinner, I found that I was disconnected from the net. A quick check ensured that none of the wires or cables were loose or unplugged. I called up my ISP service provider and asked them if there was an issue at their end. Turns out that there was a local network issue and that it would take 6 working hours to fix it. Well since I am not naive to think that they would get working on it at 10:30 pm, I thought that it would be better to check it in the morning.

Morning came and after a superb sleep of almost 8 hours, I checked again and saw that the internet was still offline for me. I called up the ISP at 11 am and asked what was the progress. I was told that it would be fixed by afternoon as it was 6 working hours. I said ok. I watched movies and read and by 4pm I called up again and asked why on Earth was it not fixed again. This time I was told that it seemed it was a major problem (no shit Sherlock) and that their engineers were working on it but they couldn’t give me an estimate. Atleast they weren’t going to wave the 6 working hours in my face!

Well, I couldn’t get online for all of Sunday. I checked every couple of hours but no luck. Apparently it was a big problem that only affected one part of the city. Today morning was the same and I left for the office at around 9:20 am and only reached back at 8:45 pm so not sure  as to when it got fixed but it is working now. I get so bored without the internet and I download a lot of movies and tv series on it so I am very dependent on it. TATA Indicom please get things fixed much sooner.

4 thoughts on “Missing From The Internet From Saturday

  1. I feel your pain too Roshan – I too would be lost without my Internet connection!
    Oh, and your page needs some work – the “Recent Viewers” collage is covering part of this post – even on this page where I posting a comment! I tried the page in both Safari and Chrome!

  2. Dear Mr.Roshan

    Greetings from Tata Indicom!

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We have gone through your post regarding the internet downtime you have faced.

    We are thankful to you for your valuable feedback. We value the relationship built with you and trust that one odd, unfortunate incident will not come in the way of this association. May we reiterate that we share your anguish and have taken adequate action to ensure the non-occurrence of the same in future.

    Should you require any further assistance please mail us at Customer.care@tatatel.co.in we will be glad to assist you.

    Thanks and Regards
    Customer Care
    Tata Indicom.

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