Mobile Device Withdrawls

Do You Always Have Your Phone or Tablet at Your Side?

I’ve always kept my mobile phone next to me since 2003 when I first got one. Despite working as a call center agent from 2003 till October of 2004, I was allowed to keep my phone near me (in silent mode and tucked away in a drawer on the desk that I worked at but still next to me). Ever since then I’ve had to be available on my phone at most times during work, though as a trainer when I am taking a session, I will always keep my phone in silent mode or vibrate and only attend the phone if it is necessary to do so. That has always been my policy.

However at this current organization where I work and for the particular process in which I work, most people aren’t allowed to keep their phones with them during the work hours inside the section where our systems are. Once you leave that section and go out into the hallways and the other rooms, you are allowed to keep your phones on you. This they say is for security reasons and as mandated by our clients and other than a few exceptions we all have to keep our phones in a locker. I find it rather difficult to follow this rule but I tend to follow it as there is nothing I can do about it now other than voice out a suggestion or two. But I find it rather inconvenient to do so.

We have all gotten so used to these gadgets that we tend to miss it a lot during times that it is not with us. And unless I am sleeping I do want the phone near me so I get all messages and calls. This is hard to do without. I need my phone with me. Hopefully things can cleared out that we get to keep our phones with us.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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