Mommy’s Lil Evangelist

I wonder! How many kids told their parents “Mom, dad, when I grow up I want to be a tv evangelist. I want to make lots of money, preaching to people about what I think god is telling them to do. I want to be on tv stations across the globe, watched by millions of believers and they should hang onto my every word. I want them to come to my sessions and be amazed at my speech. I want to cheat them of their hard earned money and make me rich. I want that money to pay for the buses, limos & jets that I will buy and emblaze with my logo and I can travel in style. I want that money to pay for my palatial white house, where I’ll keep my wife & kids in one wing and my mistress and my alter boys in another. I want my own tv channel.”

3 thoughts on “Mommy’s Lil Evangelist”

  1. Yeah! Or they want to be the next Britney. Yuck, I don;t even think of her as having any talent to speak off.

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