Mondays Suck

I feel so tired but as little better than post work last night. Mondays usually are the hardest when you work a shift like mine. I work from 7:30 pm till 4:30 am, Monday to Friday, and usually I don’t have a problem Tuesday to Friday. But Monday is killer!

Yesterday I woke up early at home which is sometimes the case on Monday’s if I have slept earlier than 1am on Sunday night. So even though I tried to go back to sleep, sleep just wouldn’t come at all and I tossed away the sheets and went to brush my teeth, wash my face, get coffee and the other stuff I usually do at home in the mornings. At 12 pm I wanted to watch a movie and put on The Boy a 2016 movie. 30 minutes in between the movie I went to have my lunch as I had only had two slices of dry toast for breakfast. After the movie I tried to take a nap and when that didn’t work I tried reading for a while.

By 4pm, I was back at my computer browsing the internet and hitting up Youtube and went to get coffee. A snack, evening shower and a change of clothes later I booked me an Uber and went to the office reaching there by 7:25 pm. by 2am I was feeling so sleepy that I could barely keep my eyes open without taking a break to go and wash my face, At 3am I decided that I would leave early because I couldn’t concentrate on the screen in front of me and I was falling asleep if I just sat quietly for 2 minutes. By 3:45 am I got my belongings together and hailed an Uber at 4am. I was home in 20 minutes and no sooner had I changed and lay down to sleep I was off to dreamland. 6 hours later I woke up!

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