Money For Everything I Dreamed Of

If you’re like most of us, you need to earn money by working for a living. Describe your ultimate job. If you’re in your dream job, tell us all about it — what is it that you love? What fulfills you? If you’re not in your dream job, describe for us what your ultimate job would be.

There are several things I would rather be doing and I would love to be able to do that as my full time dream job. I would love to make money by doing something I love to do.

I wish I were a male gigolo! Catering to the sexual needs of hot & rich women around the globe. Sex sex sex sex sex! Getting proposed by all these rich women all the time and saying “no honey, I gotta work and I love my work!” That would be so awesome. Or I’d love to be the most famous and richest and hotly in demand porn stars – some of those lady porn stars are so hot and desireable and I’d love to make my living by banging them for your pleasure!

Jokes aside, I’d love to be able to do something with music. I can’t play any instrument and am only a halfway decent singer but I’d love to be working in the music industry as rock n roll is so close to my heart. Or the movie / tv industry, especially in science fiction. I just love the wonder of the science fiction and space aliens franchises in particular and would love to be part of a large scifi franchise. That’s what I would love to be doing.

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