Money! Give A Sackload Of It

I want more money. A lot more money. Barrels and barrels of it. A shit load of cash and gold and precious stones to boot. I want it all and I want it now. I want to be able to buy so many things, all the things that I want and desire and I want lots of money for that. Gimme some, right now.

Frustration as I am still paying off an EMI on my credit card for my laptop that I took in October and that seems like a long while ago. But in reality I still have 2 of the 6 month EMI to pay off. And I would like a new Smartphone but would like to pay it off on another EMI. But the cost of it is worrying me. And then there is this stupid 12 day trip to Gurgaon coming up on the 13th of March. I am going to need to save money for that as I have never been to the place before and I would like to go shopping there.

I need cash. So do I wait a while and get the new phone? Or buy the phone now (I hate waiting for buying a new phone once I have made a selection) and skimp the rest of the month or two? Or go for a lesser priced on? The funny thing is the prices I am looking at are termed as midlevel and not the higher ones. I also bought mom a new phone this month so there was that added cost. Hmmm, let’s see what happens.

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