Money, It’s A Queue

So because of the sudden ban & making Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes illegal, the people of India have had to scramble to the nearest banks or post offices and exchange any hard cash of those denominations and get new ones of either Rs.500 or Rs.2000 (a new Rs.1000 note is not being released for the time being). This has led to long queues and even fights in several areas.  Fearing a jump in footfalls to deposit or withdraw cash following the demonetisation, banks will remain open this Saturday and Sunday and its staff will do overtime till 9 pm for the next three days to clear the rush.

Late Friday evening, as money in my hand was running out, I tried several ATMs near my place of work but none of them had cash. As I returned home from work in the early hours of Saturday, I went to a couple of ATMs, including one of the main branches of my bank, but no go there either. Later yesterday morning after, a cup of coffee and some rest I went to two banks nearby – an SIB and an SBT but they were out too and there were huge lines in front of the tellers for exchanging money. I left and heard that a big load of cash had come to the post office nearby at 12pm and so I went there. There was a small queue in front of me, so I asked what forms I needed to fill and went to get a photocopy of my id proof.

By the time I came back to fill the form, there were only 3 people in front of me. I gave 4 Rs.500 notes and got back a new Rs.2000 note (they didn’t get an Rs.500 is what I was told). Happy with that I came back home, stopping buy to buy a few provisions at the grocery store, and a bite to eat with a lemonade as I was starving by then.

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