Money! Money! Money!

Write about your relationship with money.

I love money but I wish we didn’t need money for survival. I have a love/hate relationship with money in that I always want more but hate that I do. I need things and for that I need money. Also, I can never save. Every couple of months I end up saving a quarter of my salary and I prematurely pat myself on the back. Alas! It soon turns out to be short lived.

I have a good salary at the moment but for several years I was underpaid and I couldn’t do much about it. Now, it’s much better but I could use more. Twice what I am getting. Three times what I am getting. Infact I want to win a large lottery so I can retire and enjoy my wealth. I want to purchase more things and make my folks very comfortable. I would like to have the things that I want and have enough to travel abroad.

But I do wish that we are in the 24th century era of Star Trek and we didn’t have to have any form of currency to live. No one works for money but you can replicate the things that you want and need, including food, drink, clothes, luxuries, materials needed for homes, musical instruments and you don’t have to play for travel, etc etc. That is a dream!

Prompt from Cheryl Strayed’s writing prompts

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