Mornings & Afternoons

I like sitting at home during the mornings and afternoons. It is so calm and peaceful here in the apartment. With the balcony door and as many windows open, there is a lot of cool breeze flowing through and I love it when there is a wind blowing at me. Although there are other people in the building, it feels like I am the only one. The noise of the elevator going up and down is one indication of activities happening here. But still there is almost nothing else to let me know that other people do live here. Even on Sundays! No tv noise and no music blaring during this time. Except for me!

The evenings are another matter all together. There are people running about, bringing stuff from work, grocery & shopping items being tossed and dropped by some, children playing on the stairs. But to tell you the truth, it is still kinda quite over here. I rarely get that living among many families feeling. I could walk up and down naked and no one would know that I was there.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying all day at home yesterday as I had taken a sick leave due to my sinuses flaring up and a bad cold. But it was pretty much ok after a while and hence I got to spend time just drinking in the glorious breeze from the balcony. I enjoyed my morning & afternoon coffees sitting there and watching people down on the streets. I went to the shop near us and bought a couple of snacks to much on as I put some music on and relaxed with my eyes closed.

The evening was so fucking hot by comparison.

Song for the day – “Animals” – NICKELBACK

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