Moron Whistling; Phone Purchase

What a boring day it has been and what a hot evening we are facing this Saturday night. Work has been dull, the day in general has been dull and hot. Hot enough to make me wanna jump into the nearest swimming pool. Buck naked as the day that I was born.

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I hate it when some people take advantage of the fact that our center head/DGM is off on Saturdays and play their stupid Hindi & Tamil film music loud enough to disturb the rest of us. Today afternoon I was trying to concentrate on some files when that idiot in recruitment starts playing all dumb songs! And what’s more that imbecile whistles the tunes loudly himself! Moron!

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jungle 2 jungle online download Evening rolled by and I waited for my friend Kiran to complete her activities and we left for the bus stop. We got in a bus and I left for Madhav Pharmacy Junction (which is the stop right next to mine) and went to the Nokia Priority store in Kurian’s Bldg. I bought a phone, the Nokia 2600 at Rs.3k and had a burger and a shake at the fast food place right next to it. I can’t believe that I survived all these days without a phone in my line of work. But I did.

2 thoughts on “Moron Whistling; Phone Purchase

  1. The weather here is cold wet and miserable, I want some of your heat!

    Not many people I know of that don’t have a mobile phone now, you must be pleased. I got my first one in 1997!

  2. I wish I could send you some heat in return for some snow!

    I work for a BPO that deals with the customer care of a leading Indian mobile service provider! I’m the training lead and I didn’t have a mobile phone for 10 days!! Lucky for me, my counterparts in the Clients side were more than understanding. Cause I got promoted 4 months ago but I’m still paid the same as a trainer.

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