This goes out to the idiot called Aneesh, who lives somewhere in Fort Kochi. Hey Moron, get a fucking life, you asshole! This numbnuts keeps bothering me about something or the other regarding mobile phones and the industry! I think he worked at my previous company for a little while but he was fired for integrity issues. He is a neighbour of another guy who works with me and got my number from him. Aneesh called me once a long while back to check on possibilities of getting a job at my current company and not knowing much about him then, I gave him a lowdown of what possible questions they could ask during the interview.

He did not show up for the interview but kept calling me to ask some doubt or the other that he has on either mobile phones or the service! What am I, the fucking customer service center? Every time he has a question he calls. About a month back, the other guy tells me that he is fed up of this guy and Aneesh calls me pretending to be someone else (although I understood it was him) and asked me the same stupid questions about an interview in my company. I played along but kept the phone soon.

Yesterday, while I was out buying my medicine before going for some coffee, the moron calls again and says that he has a doubt on a mobile phone. I had to control my temper, since I was at the pharmacy counter but I moved aside and told the moron that I did not want to take his calls and stop treating me like I was a call center. I hope that is the end of that. Get a life you wanker!

One thought on “Moron

  1. Some people just have no concept of common sense or treating others with respect.

    Let it be a lesson though! If someone’s doing something odd, call them on it right away. :D

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