Most Unwanted Question Of All Time

What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

This is a question I get asked often. And I hate being asked it. “Why are you not married yet / How come you are not married yet?”

I fucking hate this question. Obviously it’s being asked by people who have no business asking me that question that normally ask me that. Like random people I have just met. Like old acquaintances who I have seen/heard from in a long while. I’m ok with old schoolmates and friends who ask that question even if I seen or spoken to them in ages. Being friends at one point of time in my life means a lot to me and I give those people that importance (unless they go too far with it) and hence I don’t mind them asking. But a random person I have just met asking me “Why? You are 37 (this year! Earlier at 32, 33, 34, 35 & 36 I was also asked the same question) and how come you aren’t married yet?” How is that any of your business asshole? – is what I want to ask back but I don’t. For the most part!

If you recall a little over 2 years ago attended an interview for a job in which the Managing Director rather gruffly asked me, after going through my CV, why I wasn’t married by now. Quite possibly the worst and most inappropriate question I have ever been asked in my life. Although my initial reaction internally was anger, I managed to politely give him a reply that satisfied him and then interview and later conversation went on to more pleasant stuff. But yes, that is possibly how a lot of old fashioned Indians think – this guy is trouble! Why should he not be married at this age? Why hasn’t he found a girl for himself or why hasn’t his family arranged one for him? Who knows, that’s probably what these morons are thinking? No one has ever asked me if I am gay – one look at my internet history should tell you that I am far from that! Strike that – do not check my internet history on my laptop. (*notes to self, delete all internet history*)

But I wonder what reply I should give next time some random idiot asks me this question. Here’s a few choice ones I can think of:

  • Sshhh, my marriage is a secret as she is an international spy
  • I married to a small harem of women and I can’t let the authorities know
  • Unlike you, I didn’t let my parents go and find the woman who I’m gonna sleep with. That’s easy, I don’t wanna do that

Nah, I won’t be that rude….or would I? They are incredibly rude when they ask me an unwanted probing question about my private life!

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2 thoughts on “Most Unwanted Question Of All Time

  1. Here’s a few yarns I can think of:
    • Female Hater (Audience: Chauvanistic males)
    • Sob Story/Tearjerker how your loved one ditched/perished/lost! and how animals are soooo much more faithful… (Audience: Emotional/Sentimental)
    • Artistical/Philosophical leanings (Audience: Artistically inclined)
    • Outrageous story outlining what a jerk & rascal you are (Audience: Rebels/Yuppies)
    • Politician, social worker, hehe haha etc…

    At least they didnt ask if you were a gay activist/terrorist or what not ….hehe haha…lol ..even if they did you could give a knowing or evil smile lol ;-D

  2. I used to despite being asked when I was planning to have a child. Then I had one, and now I hate being asked when the second one is coming. So inappropriate. And none of anyone’s business

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