Movie Based On My Life

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“If a movie was made about your life what would the name of the movie be? What genre of movie would it be, comedy, horror, drama, romantic? Who would play your character? Who would be your romantic lead?

This encourages readers to apply this question to themselves!”

Aha! A movie about my life. What kind of genre would be it if someone in the unlikely event found financing for such a venture? Well it would have to be a movie like no other – it would be equal parts of drama, romance, supernatural comedy and a wee bit of science fiction with some action and maybe some explicit language. And plenty of nude scenes with realistic sex scenes!! Heavy on the last one. Maybe even sword & sorcery

But it will ultimately be one of horror & tragedy, a cry fest. I dunno that’s how I feel like right. No one, no actor could ever do my role justice. No actor could ever fill my shoes so I would have to do that myself. Now the babes, the romantic leads. I will have to saw that off the top of my head I will have to say the top 11 actresses to play the women would be:

  • Katee Sackoff
  • Amanda Tapping
  • Virginia Madsen
  • Rhona Mitra
  • Toni Collette
  • Bellamy Young
  • Melissa Archer
  • Maxim Roy
  • Sonya Walger
  • Jeri Ryan
  • Julia Benson

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