Moving Seating Area….Once Again

enough online My office is crazy. Let me just say that and get it over with. They treat some of the people & departments like commodities or as part of the furniture. In the 2 years that I have working for them, my department’s seating area has been moved 4 times. Up down, up down. Whatever catches their fancy. What the fuck is this? If I wanted to go up & down, I’ll go to a playground and get on the fucking see-saw!

They always keep some stupid reason or the other. This happens every 6 months or so. What the fuck is their problem? We have upper management who have their heads up their asses and they have no shame about it. But I notice that there are some others who get all the perks & they get their way each & every time. They are known as arse-lickers!!

So late last night my team’s systems were moved two floors up and we are now smack down in the center, in the middle of the battlefield. I hate this. Too much noise, I found it difficult to concentrate, my MIS guy was having issues as well. I could barely hear my con calls and I am scared of opening data that only my team should be aware of. What to do?

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