Mr. Bus Conductor!!

Hey guys, I wanted to share this dream I had last night. In this dream it was late evening I was travelling back home from a somewhere far and in the pouring rain I was trying to hail a bus. Unfortunately I got into the wrong bus and got down 2 stops later and was told to wait for the bus that will go on the route towards my home. I waited for an hour and finally the bus came and I got in after confirming that it does go to my home town. As I took a seat I took out money for my ticket and waited for the bus conductor to collect it (we have conductors for all buses here) and I heard a voice saying “Tickets please” as he was coming towards the back where I was sitting. I looked up and my jaw hit the floor because the conductor was………

ROBERT PICARDO!!! More famous as the Doctor in Star Trek Voyager I swear that this is truth! I was shocked and could barely say anything except the name of my stop and he took the money gave me a ticket and the change. I said out loud “No way that it’s him!” and I used my phone to google his name and lo! & behold on his Wikipedia page it said “While not shooting for any roles, Picardo spends a few months in India working for the local bus services as he likes to travel and get to see the sights.”

Two older guys next to me asked “Is he a singer or someone famous like that? We heard a rumour that this American is a singer?” And I said no he is an actor!” I couldn’t speak to him as the bus got too crowded and when my stop came I got down and went home.

And then I had to walk a bit as due to the heavy rains, there was a landslide that carried over to some of the roads and the one that leads to my home was blocked so I had to walk in the muddy rain water for 25 minutes to get home and change into dry clothes. And then I woke up!! What an odd dream. There’s a bit more in my dream but nothing that features a trek actor! How crazy is that! I actually saw Robert Picardo & a wikipedia page in my dreams!

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