Mullapanthal – A Nearby Attraction

It’s not an attraction in the correct sense of the word but one of the places that I still have to go to nearby and which is a landmark must visit for most people who live in & visit Cochin is Mullapanthal – a toddy shop in the Udayamperoor area! Yes ladies & gentlemen – a toddy shop with it’s own visiting cards and its own website. About 30-40 minutes from where I live, you will find local labourers and GMs from IT companies alike, sitting and eating the delicious food and enjoying the atmosphere.

Their menu includes pearlspot fish fry & curry, pork fry & curry,, crab, beef & kasava, duck fry, prawns, squid and ofcourse toddy. Everyone who has food there say that it is the best & most delicious that you can find in our state. I have to remedy this and go there someday soon. I don’t drink toddy; I find it vile and disgusting. But infact a lot of patrons at Mullapanthal go there for the food and drink just for a formality. They love the food but it would be wrong to just eat the food and not drink atleast a glass or two (ugh)!

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2 thoughts on “Mullapanthal – A Nearby Attraction

  1. I read on Google that a toddy is a palm wine. Is it really sweet? I also had a look at the website and the food looks really good. You have to go there soon and give us a review!

  2. I remember taking a sip of it when I was 18 – it smells really bad. Taste was ugh too! Some people like it. Some don’t.

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