Music Is Back, Beer Is Back, Problems Is Back

My disappointment in not getting the hike that is due to me – I didn’t think that it would haunt me so. Things are not so rosy & secure as I thought it would be for my folks. I had hoped to move out no matter whether I got the hike or not. It’s not like I won’t be strapped for cash. And I have to face it – I am not good with money; can never save it!

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Things are just piling up a bit and it will take some time to sort it out. That means waiting for a longer time even after waiting for all this time. I’m not getting any younger. I’m fucking 32 years old. In August of this year, I will turn 33 years old and I do not have anything to show for it. I seriously must think of maybe even taking up a job that will pay me more even if do not enjoy it and even it’s not in at a something that I would want to do. Like the sales & insurance jobs that keep coming my way. I hate both.

I needed to get a new adapter for my PC speakers and so at 7 pm I left the office and boarded a bus for Padma bus stop. Just before 8 pm I finally found the appropriate model – the area seems to have a scarcity of electronics stores and I walked about quite a bit. It was hot and muggy and my shirt & undershirt was sticking to my back and I was perspiring quite a bit. I had wanted to get a beer or two so off I walked to Oberoi bar and downed two Kingfisher beers in about an hour and had a plate of chilli gobi along with them.

I must say that that the beers have helped me to relax a bit and drift my troubles for some time. It’s not good to keep things on your shoulders all the time. I don’t think that drinking solves my problems but a beer or two can help you relax quite a bit, if you don’t over do it. I’ll probably sleep quite a bit this night. So cheers to you and I hope things get rosier soon. Goodnite to you!

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