Music Sounds Better Through Speakers

Although I always carry headphones with me (earlier for my ipod and now for my BlackBerry) and have always used headsets for when traveling, I prefer to listen to music coming out of speakers.

Currently I have two small Creative speakers that’s connected to my laptop. They are the same speakers that I got when I bought my desktop September 2006. I had a huge radio/stereo system bought in 1986 and then another one bought in 1995 – these were my main stereo systems that I used for most of my life. I always had to have rock music playing since 1986-87 when the music bug bit me (I was 10). My sister also had a nice Sony which I often borrowed or shared for listening to my favourite songs. Wattage was pretty decent, especially the big giant Sansui that we had – it would rattle windows throughout the house even a mid-level volume.

First thing in the morning, listening to certain songs as soon as you have washed your face, brushed your teeth and are just sipping your first coffee of the day – sometimes things can get magical.

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