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Remember the simple old days? One of the things that easily sets off a nostalgic blast in my mind is the sigh of a set of audio cassette tapes. I used to have a large collection of audio tapes, mostly by rock music artists. I think at one point my collection was over a 1000. I had a large cupboard that I had converted from a kitchen cupboard to my cassette storage & display shelf. When back in 1991 or so, my parents redid the kitchen, they were having built-in cupboards done so I took this large cupboard and got the carpenters to make some extra shelves, each just a little taller than you average cassette and hence had enough space to display about 500 plus tapes. And I did it in alphabetic order. Everyone loved my display.

Later on as I ran out of space, I took over my sister’s old room (after she got married and moved out) and took up two of the 3 built in cupboards and stored the rest of my cassette tape collection in there. I also had blank tapes on which I’d get a lot of music recorded as well (TDK, Sony, Thompson released the blank tapes). In 2006 I sold all of it just before we moved from my old house to this apartment.

Oh and remember the Walkman? I’ve had so many walkmans in my life, I used to break or lose them and have to go and get new ones. I never went on any long trips without a walkman with me, it was so essential. And during my 19th year when I lived in Bangalore in a hostel, my walkman was my best friend and companion and I listened to it for hours on end. So many late night bus rides and train journeys that went by much faster because of the music I could listen to on my walkman. Man I loved those handy devices. Nowadays I can store my entire collection on an mp3 player less than a quarter of the size of the walkman but I remember the old days with some fondness. Kids these days and the further generations will never know these things that gave us so much joy in our younger days.

3 thoughts on “Music Tapes & Walkmans

  1. I used to get such a buzz out of buying a cassette..

    Remember hoping it didn’t get caught up in the wheel things inside the player and getting mangled up! lol

  2. Miss my cassettes. Most of mine are long gone, but Scott has a huge basket of them he just can’t bear to part with. He has all his CDs too. Digital music is fine, but I miss the artwork and reading the lyrics when you bought a new cassette or CD.

  3. I still have my cds but if I am not playing them (I only listen to the mp3 formats) they are just taking up space and collecting dust in my cupboard.

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