My Bad Habits

I must confess to having a sweet tooth. Mainly chocolates. I love chocolates and on a weekend I can gorge myself on a large chocolate bar or two while watching a movie. I also get depressed a lot and when that happens, I tend to overeat. And when I overeat I tend to eat more chocolate as it makes me feel a little better while I eat it. It doesn’t make me feel good afterwards and I always feel very guilty later on. Sometimes even right after I finish eating them but yeah when I feel depressed I do gorge on it.

I am also bad at throwing away stuff. Like bills, paper slips, receipts, brown covers and boxes that I do not need anymore. They just seem to accumulate in my room and add to the garbage. That and dust contributes to not keeping my room as neat as it should be. And that is not good for my asthma but I still don’t do much about it until it is too messy.

I am also a quite lazy and demotivated. I dunno how that is a bad habit but I guess for me it does seem to be so. Laziness means me not really getting what I want. And not wanting to do things that I should be doing. These are all my bad habits.

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