My Barbershop Has Been Shut Down!

Got a shock today from one of my regular readers named George. He sent me an article from the newspapers that read that the barber shop / beauty saloon where I go to get my hair cut has been shut down – due to immoral trafficking by the owners!

The article in the New Indian Express goes like this –

“KOCHI: The Ernakulam Central police on Thursday arrested two women and a man on charges of engaging in immoral trafficking, under the pretext of running a beauty parlour. The arrested have been identified as Nancy, 40, of Kathrikadavu, her husband Nasser, 30, of Malappuram, and Lekha Rajesh alias Bhadra, 30, of Anjal, Kollam. According to the police, the accused had been running a beauty parlor named Capitol Family Beauty Parlor at  Jacobs DD Mall, M G Road, where they also engaged in immoral activities.”

Kathrikadavu is very close by M G Road while Malappuram is another district in the north about 4 hours away. Kollam is a district 3.5 hour away to the south of here. I’m assuming the “immoral activities” the newspaper mentioned is prostitution (as that’s what they sually mean by that term) and that this woman & her husband were running prostitution on the sly. Now, I didn’t like this lady; she rubbed me the wrong way. She was dishonest in her prices and always seemed too pushy in trying to get me to shell out more money by offering facials, face massages by her lady staff etc etc. Like George said, now I know why she was so pushy. She looked – not just in appearance but more like a vibe she puts out – like a certain type of woman that I had no interest in associating with and if it weren’t for the barbers and the shop being near my residence, I would have stopped going there a while back.

Stay tuned for more details as & when I get them. Shit – now I gotta find another place to get my hair cut!

Additional info: Police said that they were charging Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 from customers for sexual massage of five minutes, police said. Bookings for massage were made through phones, said police. Though a man is also employed in the beauty parlour, he was employed as a dummy and he didn’t have any work. He was being paid Rs 600 daily as remuneration. Police also registered a case against Nancy and Nasser for human trafficking as they had employed the 26-years-old woman by threatening her. The case was registered after recording her statement. According to police, the raid was conducted in the parlour following complaints received from some parents.

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