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Write about a recurring dream you have

Well I have this dream a lot; it’s based on the futuristic universe I have dreamed up and which you read briefly about here. Once you have done that then read this recurring specific dream.

In this dream it’s around that time in the future, approximately 5000 years from now, I’m supposedly going on an expedition for scientific research and exploration. It is a long journey and my wife (a very sweet & yet smoking hot sexy blonde) and I are partners on this mission. So the previous night we have a big “going away” party with her parents, brothers and sisters and their families and my parents, my sister and her family. We have a nice big dinner and say goodbye for the next year or so which is when we expect the mission to be completed and we can return back to our home planet (one of several humans now call home). Aiding us on this mission are some robots.

I had two robots that I had built when I was a teenage, 1 humanoid shaped robot (male sounding voice) and one larger one that can hover in the air. After we got married I had 1 more built, similar to the large one. My wife has a female sounding robot that she had had in her family since she was a child and was now with us. Needing additional help for this mission I also got two humanoid shaped robots (1 male sounding & 1 female sounding) that I have procured & activated especially for journey into deep space. Once they had been programed for all the duties that they would be helping us out with on this expedition, I took the two male robots with me to get the final necessary clearance from the authorities before we were to launch our spaceship at 9pm later that day. Meanwhile my smoking hot wife took care of all the rest of the preparations, hugged her family goodbye and went home to collect our two Golden retrievers – Shawny & Donny – and 2 cats – Loca & Mocha – and drove in her futuristic vehicle and parked it in our spaceship which we had leased for our mission.

The spaceship has 3 levels – the lower level houses the vehicles we will use to drive while on any and all alien planet surfaces during this mission as well as the weapons storage lockers as well as some larger scientific equipments. The middle aka main levels houses the bridge section plus our living quarters – a lounge sitting room, an adjacent dining section and a large bedroom with an attached bathroom. There is a section outside the main quarters that has bathroom & cleaning facilities for the cats & dogs. And on the top level/floor are the labs that we use to conduct the tests of materials we find while on the mission. Around 8 pm that night I join my wife in the spaceship and we make our final preparations before we launch into space. The robots gets the ship ready andwe launch at 9pm. Post checking the controls, my wife & I sit down for our dinner and enjoy a nice meal while our pets eat theirs near us. We set our route to the first planetary system which will take us 2 weeks to reach and by midnight it is time for bed.

This next image is one I adore a lot. I’m finishing up a final check off the vehicles in the lower bay and just climbing up to the main level when I see my wife calling out for our pets. There is a big, soft bed that we have for the animals and she calls out each one by name as they seem to be too excited by the trip in space and do not want to sleep yet but my wife is having none of it. She calls “Shawny” and my dog comes slowly to her, gives her hand a loving lick and then climbs onto the pets bed and lies down on one end. Then she calls out for the cats and Loca comes and climbs onto the bed and snuggles up next to Shawny. Mocha the youngest is playing with a toy so I have to go and collect him and place him on the bed next to his sister Loca. And finally we both call Donny who comes obediently and lies on the other end and that’s how they go to sleep – our fur babies in a row, the two cats sandwiched in between the two dogs! My wife places a thick, cozy blanket over them (somehow in my mind space can get a bit cold especially at night) and then the two of us go to our dressing room, change into night gowns and then go to bed. Adventures await us in space and we can’t wait to have a great mission.

The end! That’s what I usually dream about.

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