My Breakfast Condiment Of Choice

My breakfast is usually non-existent in that since I usually work from a 6:30 pm to 3:30 am shift and wake up past 11:30 am I usually skip breakfast and have lunch by around 12:30 pm after some coffee. But there are other days when I do get to work a regular morning to evening shift or on weekends and I do get to eat and enjoy a breakfast.

Or sometimes I just want a quick sandwich. And I usually just eat toasted bread or chappathis with mayonnaise. I don’t really bother with tomatoes or cucumbers or anything else. No meats. It’s just bread with mayo. Or just chappathi or porotta with mayo. Since I love mayo a lot and depend on it for my meals, and since I am already overweight, I go for eggless mayo. There are many brands that make mayo here and many of them have the eggless variety.

My brand of choice is Sangi’s Kitchen that makes a few ones along with their plain old regular eggless mayo which comes in bigger jars. They have some in tandoori and spicy mixes as well But the one I love is theor roasted garlic and jalapeno mayo which is so delicious. I love that one though I usually just get the regular eggless. There is another brand called FunFoods which I recently tried and they have one with a garlic mix and it’s pretty good too. They call it veg mayo.

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