My Cellphone Chronicles

Yes I do have a cellphone. I currently use a BlackBerry Bold 9780 as I have a hard on for BlackBerry. Here is my history of using cellphone and I’m gonna try and do this chronologically and as accurate as possible:

November 2002 : Almost bought a Nokia 3310 but changed my mind at the last moment as I didn’t have the money

July 2003 : bought my first cellphone, a Motorola T190. Very solid but not user friendly at all. Black and grey screen.

March 2004 : Bought a Samsung R220. Nice phone.

September 2004 : Sold the Samsung and bought a Nokia 1100 (the made for India phone)

October 2005 : Bought my first colour screen cellphone – a Sony Eriksson K500i. Colour display, camera, GPRS & MMS. Had solid sound playback but very limited storage space.

June 2006 : I wanted a flip phone so badly and got the Motorola Razor V3i. Loved it so much.

April 2007 : No idea why but I sold the Razor and got a Samsung SGH E250. It was an ok, slider phone but I have no idea why I sold the Motorola.

November 2008 : The Samsung SGH got damaged after I tripped and fell on the railway tracks and I got a Nokia 2600. I hated this phone but it was cheap and I didn’t want to spend much on a phone at the time. I also went through a ‘don’t care about phone stage for a while”. During this time I also used an iphone for 2 months that was in my possession at work. Wasn’t impressed.

Jan 2010 : Got my first BlackBerry, the Curve 8320 and I love it still. It’s a bit damaged but it still works and I have it in a drawer stored as a possible backup.

April 2012 : Bought my current phone, the Bold 9780. I had to return the first one they sent me, which was a white one, due to a software issue and then got the black one. Love it a lot!

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3 thoughts on “My Cellphone Chronicles

  1. Man, I can’t believe you remember the models. I know my first phone was a Motorola bag phone…this one right here – we got it in either 1993 or 1994 then something like a Nokia 3360, then I had a slider, then a flip, then my 3Gs (which I still have, even though I tried to drown it two springs ago.) It no longer keeps service, won’t focus to take pictures, and decides on it’s own whether it wants to be ring or vibrate. The side switch is just there to taunt me. I’ll be upgrading it soon…I’ve probably forgotten a few as I also had some phones for work that used my number and Bill was constantly trying new phones and shuffling stuff around…like I remember he had a StarTAC at one point, but I can’t say I didn’t use it at some point. (sad thing is he could probably list them all off)

  2. Ah the wonders of blogging. I had blogged about each phone that I had bought – started blogging in 2002 (on and first phone bought in 2003. Noted down each model

  3. I’ve had lot’s of phones over the years but don’t remember them all.

    Can’t see myself using anything other than my beloved iPhone for many years to come now

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