My Cooking Or Lack Thereof

I wish I could cook. My cooking is highly limited to a few things. Some of my readers will remember my tryst with cooking veggie wraps – frying onions, tomatoes, carrots & green peppers in oil, putting them in ready made chappathies which I roll for my veggie wraps. I can make excellent omelets (I seem to prefer ducks eggs, with onions, tomatoes & peppers) and bulls-eyes (sunny side ups) and use them with instant noodles like a poor man’s version of a chop-suey!

And that’s about it! I make my veggie sandwiches or egg sandwiches, I pop popcorn or soups from packets and now there’s a new thing – instant masala or pepper oats. They taste ok and are cheap enough so a quick dinner option when you can’t be bothered to go out. Along with coffee or tea that’s about the extent of my “cooking”. I wish I could cook delicious veggie or meat dishes and I especially wish I could cook fish dishes – I love fish. It’s time to learn.

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