My Dating Deal Breakers

Showing up late without a valid reason
If I can make the effort and reach on time, so can you. Set your alarm, get your clothes ready and leave in such a way that you reach the venue atleast with 15 minutes to spare. I’m worth the effort darling. So make sure that you are on time.

Farting and/or body odour
Ok, I’m not a bed of roses so I use enough deo to make you believe that I am in fact a rose garden! All I am asking is that you mask that stench and take a good, long bath with soap & shampoo and be presentable. And change your underwear woman!

Talking about religion
Religion is like shit! Bring it out into the open and it starts stinking up the entire fucking place. And the stench remains. Topic to be avoided.

Talking all day about your little neice & nephews
If you are interested in discussing children with me, 30 minutes is my limit. Any longer and I’m only interested if you are planning to have children with me! And let’s set about practicing the manufacturing process for a few months!!

Bollywood movies, songs & cricket
Almost unpardonable sin in my mind. I can’t believe that drivel is being paraded as entertainment. I have better things to do. Not worth the pain!

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