My Dream Vacation

Currently I do not have a desire to have a big fun filled vacation. Something like this would be ideal:

I would want a week away from the office & work, home and all my family. I do not want to pick a phone call for the duration of that week. I would want to take my laptop and would want a solid & fast internet connection. A small house or cottage surrounded by greenery, with cooler weather and quietness. A well stocked kitchen and fridge with plenty of fresh juice and the softest & freshest of bread. A good amount of popcorn and some sort of chips would be great. Ofcourse the pizza delivery guy should be able to get there quickly as well.

The cottage should have a balcony where I could sit and watch the sunset (sunrise would not be an issue as I would sleep late all the mornings). Nice big king size bed with thick blankets. A huge LCD tv with access to cable and a dvd player. A couple of good books to read.  Quite days with only the sounds of the birds breaking the silence, the sounds of the city far away from my ears. A neighbours dogs and cats for company in the lazy afternoons. Total relaxation and pleasant evenings with a couple of drinks. Ofcourse a chance encounter with a gorgeous, buxom woman who would like to get “better acquainted” with me, if you know what I mean ;)

What? Why do you think I wanted the king sized bed?

4 thoughts on “My Dream Vacation

  1. Wanna join me and be that “gorgeous, buxom woman who would like to get better acquainted” with me? ;)

  2. Oh lucky me. I get not one but two of my favourite ladies to join me on vacation. Heavens, will I get any reading done? ;)

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