My End of Day Routine

The long ride home from work is tiring, hot & sweaty unless it is raining or breezy. I usually use the ride home to collect my thoughts and assess the day that had just passed and think about what’s in store for the next work day. If I am not too tired, I might stop by at a cafe for a sandwich & a coffee. If possible I try to meet friends for drinks or coffee. Or if I am tired I might come home straight and only stop at the corner shop near the apartment for a lemonade and small bites – like a samossa or an egg puff. I usually get some good conversation for free.

Once I reach home take the elevator to my 7th floor apartment and remove my shoes and place them at the shoe stand that we keep just outside the door. I come in and go to my room and take off my socks, pants, shirt and underwear and then change into my lungi! Yes folks, I go commando at home but the lungi is perfect to cover up and is very decent. I go the the bathroom, attend the call of nature, wash my feet, hands & face and then dry my hands on a towel. I then switch on the laptop and get online. Youtube is one of my fav destinations online and I watch comedy shows and lots of music performances on it. I ofcourse blog and then there’s other people’s blogs and ofcourse Twitter & Facebook. Who has time for tv?

After a while it will be time for dinner and then back to the net. Sometimes I try to catch a football games during the weekends but usually the internet is my only solace. By 11 I watch a movie or tv series episodes on my laptop until sleep catches up with me and then it’s zzzzzzzz.

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2 thoughts on “My End of Day Routine

  1. I like to chillax by going on the net too. It does keep us in touch with the wide, wide world, doesn’t it? I enjoy it a lot!

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