My Farewell Letter That I Sent Today

After 4 long years, tumultuous changes and wonderful experiences, my tenure here has finally come to an end. I’ve learned many lessons : some pretty hard ones & some which I will look upon as pleasant but both kinds are equally rewarding & life enriching.

I’m moving on to join a small, humble start up company but we have great hopes for it and with some hard work and a little bit of luck, things will be good.

I’d like to say my thanks at this time to – (the various individuals in each department). Most importantly I would like to say that I was the proud manager of an awesome Training team & and I am going to miss them terribly – my huge thanks to Wasim, Rekha, Roopa, Rajeesh, Firdous & Dileep. Also all the trainers who have left. I hope I get to work with you guys once again some day, some where. It was the biggest honour of my life to have worked with you.

I will still keep checking to find out how the center is progressing. Best of luck to all.

So that’s it. Captain’s final log entry. Over & out! Roshan has left the building!

In the immortal words of Mr. Spock from Star Trek : Live Long and Prosper!

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