My Fav Infomercial

No infomercial makes me laugh as much as this one for the Magic Bullet. I believe it’s from 2003 and once they started showing it here on Indian cable tv, I’ve loved it. 11 years of watching this silly infomercial that never stops to make me laugh. They used to show this informercial dubbed in Hindi for the AXN & Sony channels and everytime it was shown I would stop to watch it. At first because it was funny to watch this stuff as if being said by Indians (only with Caucasian bodies) and I laughed a lot.

Then I watched the original version and loved it & laughed at it even more. Who the heck starts doing a sales demo for your invited guests/friends while they are at your home for a weekend of fun & parting? Here’s part 1.

Mick & Mimi are the married couple who are the hosts and they seem to be aggressively pushing the product to their 6 friends. Also they seem to be competing with each other, pushing away their spouse to do the demo for each item they are making! Lol, they scare me. If I were one of the friends I’d frighteningly ask “Do you guys sell these?” Here’s part 2.

Also they seem to be picking on poor Berman who clearly has a hangover. Also when the blonde chick on the right gets up to offer making the coffee rude Mick says “Oh shut up and sit down bitch”! Hahaha. and who makes breakfast, lunch, tv snacks and dinner in a 10 minute span. And oh, these people love their drinks. Watch how the 3 on the left spring to life at the mere mention of “frozen drinks”! I love this infomercial!

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