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From the age of 11-12 years old I’ve been a rocker, a metal head. And while it is true that I will always be a rocker/metalhead and that is predominantly the most kind of songs that you will find me listening to, my tastes have also branched out. I could say that I have probably a very varied taste in music when you check out what I listen to and probably among the most varied. Check for yourself. Unfortunately I’ve not found an easy way of getting my entire list of mp3s (any and all cds I have will be ripped instantly into mp3 format and saved onto my laptop’s hard drive and also I keep a backup in an external hard drive) onto a catalog list so I can display it on my website but someday I will get down to it. I currently have around 58 GB worth of music in my collection. In it you will find black metal, thrash metal, death metal, hard rock & heavy metal, alternative rock, blues, country, rumba flamenco, finger style acoustic guitar & world music. Very little pop. Don’t even think about rap!

Heavy metal & hard rock do reign supreme. It’s the music that I most identify with. It’s the music that best expresses, with melody & lyrics, all the emotions that a human goes through. There are so many songs that I feel a deep connection with because of either the melody+lyrics or just the melody in case of instrumentals. That’s why & what I listen to.

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Music

  1. I like rock too, as well as blues and jazz. I listen to a lot of other stuff too though – my son is getting me into dub step. Wub wub!

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