My Favourite Hideout & Hangout Spots

What’s your favorite hideout or hangout spot, and why do you like it?

My favourite hideout would be my own bedroom. I know it’s not much but when I want to relax and shut myself off from the rest of the world, where else could I turn to but my own room. I would like a bigger room, I would like a new mattress but other than that, I do enjoy being in the solitude of my room.

My favourite hangout would either be in one of the two Starbucks nearest to me or Blue Rock Bar which is in Olive Downtown. I love both. When I want a nice cold frappe I like to go to a Starbucks and then enjoy with a grande and a bite to eat. Sitting there and just thinking about nothing as the sweet nectar is sipped slowly.

Similarly I love the food at Blue Rock and I usually drink beer and just chill at the bar. I can forget all my woes and just zone out and the only worry is what will I order off the menu. A couple of hours there and I am happy, a bit buzzed and tummy full and ready to come in for a nap.

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