My First Choice When It Comes To Buying Meat

My go to online delivery system for fresh meat – be it chicken or fish and the odd occasional mutton (lamb) is from Fresh To Home. These guys are the best at their customer service and I like their variety of options available on their website/services.

We eat a lot of fish in a week. I love my sardines, mackrel, bassa, tuna and seer fish – these are the most common ones we eat at home. Sometimes we get anchovies, which I love, barracuda, maybe even some squid or shrimp (though not on the barbie). Kerala is a fish place. But ofcourse, as I have mentioned it earlier on my blog – pearl spot reigns supreme as the king of all fish. I love me some pearl spot, though it isn’t the cheapest to get. Fry that up or even cook them in a banana leaf with a whole lot of spices and chilli powder and it will make your mouth water as the food is being cooked.

Ofcourse we eat a lot of chicken. The go to is to buy a kg of chicken, cut for us and delivered, and make a curry that lasts us for a couple of meals at least. Sometimes a 3rd if we are being miserly. Or we can get the whole leg – thigh and leg – either marinated in a tandoori masala or just as it is. I like those as well. Fry them up and eat them with chapati or porota or even with some rice. Amazing and delicious.

Now like I mentioned, we do get mutton or squid or prawns once in a while and I do enjoy the change of meat when that happens. But yeah the usual fish and chicken is always so good. So if I were to buy some I would first check on freshtohome and if they don’t have it, is when I look for something else.

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