My First Room At The Signature Leaf Hotel @ Gurgaon

So in pics and in video form, here is a look at my hotel room in Gurgaon at the Signature Leaf. It was a small hotel, mostly like a lather large house style but constructed to be a hotel. It has 3 floors and construction was going on for the 4th floor. Which left my two colleagues a bit peeved as there was a lot of noise in their rooms on the 2nd floor. I was on the ground floor and hence heard very little of it.


Rather large bed on which I only would sleep on one side. The bed was not comfortable for me as it was rather soft and you can’t lie on your side without sinking feelings. I am glad that I moved in a few days.


It had a small desk which could open up and you could use it as a work table. I rarely used it as I couldn’t get the wifi connected on my laptop. Another smaller desk just below the tv served as my dinner table. It also had the bottles of water and glasses.


Bathroom was fine. Clean and they had a nice shower but the glass partition was so close to the shower head. Made it difficult to stretch the arms wide when soaping. They had the hot water geezer hidden in this room so the first morning I freezed in ice cold water as I couldn’t see the tiny spots of red and green for the hot and cold water as I can’t that well without my glasses.


That’s the first meal I had there, an omelet with tava roti, as I had only had half a sandwich and water at lunch. Here is a room tour video.

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