My Friday To Saturday

Yesterday I was still feeling a bit sick early in the morning. I woke up at around 5 am and had to visit the loo and started feeling very tired once I came out. I went back to sleep and stayed in bed till 10:30 am after which I got a coffee and then took an Imodium. That seemed to have done the work, as it always does and though I was tired atleast I wasn’t hitting the toilet every 2 hours.

I managed a little lunch and then got ready for work. I reached the office by 4:45 pm as I had to be in early. We had a light dinner at 8:15 pm and had some fun for a few hours as it was Friday, the end of the month and most of things we needed to get done for the week was already done. We laughed and joked for a while, a girl at the office even danced to a song as part of a Friday fun activity (get your head out of the gutters, it was an Indian dance to a Bollywood song) and we talked about plans for the next month.

By 1:30 am as it usually happens someone or the other ruins the moments and we ended up staying back for a couple of more hours than expected. I could leave the office only by 4 am and I reached home by 4:30 am. I was kinda upset about that as this seems to happen all the time on Fridays. Anyways, today has been mostly spent in bed as I got little sleep and I made some instant noodles for lunch. I have ordered a pizza and chicken tenders for dinner. I watched a movie in the afternoon and will watch another before I go to sleep.

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