My Handwriting Is Like Dead Insects

My high school Chemistry & Biology teacher, Mrs. Ambujam (I don’t remember her last name although she remains fondly in my heart) once teased me when she described my bad handwriting as ‘a bunch of dead insects’! I was a little embarrassed at the time, as I was handing in my monthly test paper to her in class at that moment but I get a chuckle everything I see my handwriting and remember what she said. She wasn’t being mean or anything, infact I loved the woman for her attitude in general and the fact that she could be funny as hell and that she genuinely cared for her students.

But yeah, I digress, that is what she described my handwriting as. And I too feel, in all honesty, that my handwriting sucks. Although I might not see dead flies, ticks, cockroaches or mosquitoes when I see my handwriting, I feel that it could be a whole lot better. My mom used to try and get me to practice my writing when I was a kid by getting four-lined books and I obliged at times but it hasn’t helped much. Over the years I think that if I write slowly my handwriting tends to be quite nice or if I use a thin/sharp edge pen it can even look somewhat elegant. But the moment that I write fast, my writing loses all semblance of legibility. Problem is that most situations do not allow you to write slow.

I’ve always carried a work diary for the past 7 years and filled day wise stuff that I will need to either take note of later or get back on. I never step into a meeting, casual or otherwise without a pen or diary and I insist that my team members also do the same. But usually at meetings while I scribble stuff down and can understand it, if someone wants to look at my notes and copy it, they usually look at it, frown and squint and then look at me. With a look that says WTF! And I nod back understandingly and say “hey, that’s just my fast writing!”

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One thought on “My Handwriting Is Like Dead Insects

  1. My handwriting is very messy. I read somewhere that messy handwriting is a sign of great intelligence so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LULZ.

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